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Anonymous asked - "Can you or shuttersmiley please tell me why there is no such thing as racism against white people?"



I have some questions for you, actually.

Are you systemically oppressed?

Do you have a history of genocide, enslavement and oppression which still actively leaks and informs your daily life and opportunities?

Is the worse discrimination you’ve experienced being called a cracker in the 6th grade?


Whoa, it does not stop


Racism against White people does not exist. Me calling you a cracker might hurt your feelings but it could never oppress you. Was never used to oppress you. Your history is being Oppressor, not the oppressed.

Meanwhile you calling me a racial slur only enforces the engraved white is right superiority that is literally seeped in everything, from beauty standards to a human value and innocence. All around the world.

You have a million and one links provided for you. Now go learn.

there’s no way there’s actually a need to do this so often. i know they can research the numerous times this has previously been done. they just don’t care to do so and are attempting to troll.



Day 19: Darren Wilson still has not been arrested for the murder of Mike Brown.

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Stunting on them!


shocked to see how much people donated to Darren Wilson. It’s crazy

racists standing up for racists. 


Reporters confirm that police & advisors concealed the identity of Darren Wilson until he could delete all social media & move out of state.

Must be nice to have so much time and so many chances, even as a murderer, to have your safety be a concern. Its almost like they care about his life…like he’s a human being or something? 
Amazing what cops will do to protect to human life. When its a white life. 


white people be like he was a thug he deserved to die meanwhile every major white serial killer got due process, a fan club, and a major movie made of they life


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BREAKING: Police have strategically blocked any opportunities to see what’s happening. #Ferguson


  • The younger crowd is pleading for the media to stay: “Show the world what they’re about to do to us!”
  • Just told to go into our cars. An on-scene reporter was told to get into his car, and media were told to get into their cars. It’s about to reach a boiling point in Ferguson.
  • Protesters are asking the media to stand with them and not return to the media area

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The myth that white racists are the minority of white people is a pervasive and deadly myth indeed.

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Irina Shayk in “Emociones Fuertes” by Paola Kudacki for Vogue Spain, September 2014




Remember Tarika

Black women also have a long history of abuse and violence at the hands of the state.
Read Danielle McGuire’s At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance

Shot while holding a baby

She was on her knees too

Sign the PETITION to enact laws to protect us from police brutality and misconduct.